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Alexander Technique Survey

09 Aug 2017 5:53 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Have you ever had sore arms or hands from playing the harp? Does your back sometimes become stiff? Do you wish you could play with more freedom or a bigger sound or more relaxation? 

The committee would like to survey HSNZ members about their potential interest in working with Lucy Reeves on the Alexander Technique and how it relates to your harp playing.

If you could take a few minutes to complete the survey, we would appreciate it as it will help us gauge interest in a potential visit.

Take the Survey

Learn more about Lucy Reeves and the Alexander Technique:

Alexander Technique has been helping musicians (and others) for decades, to achieve more balance and ease at the instrument and in life. Based on solid scientific principles, it is a gentle and safe discipline which can help with breathing, movement, and freedom from pain. 

Lucy Reeves is a registered Alexander teacher and an accomplished harpist, which gives her a unique understanding of the demands we put on our bodies. Based in Brisbane, Lucy is available to come to NZ and offer classes and one on one teaching sponsored by the HSNZ. 

Visit Lucy's website

On a personal note-

I have practiced Alexander Technique for the last two years and have experienced amazing benefits to my playing -  and I've been playing the harp for over forty years! It's never too late ☺
- Carolyn

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