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New Logo and present ideas!

30 Nov 2017 9:41 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Thanks to a very talented Warren Lawson of Auckland who is a graphic designer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and recording engineer the harp society has a new logo!

We also have decided to offer our members a chance to have either bags or t-shirts with the logo and have worked with to create them!

To take a look/place an order go to:  

There are two bags available:

  •  a messenger bag that is very light weight cotton so isn't intended to carry too much; or 
  •  a very sturdy carry bag, which is quite spacious.  
You can customize either to add your name or a catchy phrase so that when you are gathering with other harpists you don't have to wonder which is yours!   I ordered a test carry bag and put my name on it  (on the back side).  It can take a moment for things to load when you choose to customize, so be a little patient and give the system time to present the fonts et. al. to you.

We've also allowed for customization of the t-shirts, or just straight up ordering of them.   

On offer without customization are white and black logos on a wide variety of shirts. The sizes are listed in the description, be sure to check the size (there are 3 tabs, one where you choose the colour/size, a description and a sizing chart)!

For those who want to be adventurous and customize : 

  • You can change the colour of the logo (after you hit customize button there will be an image of the logo on the right with a tiny box with the current colour, you click on that and can change the colour).  You can also change size and position of logo or add a catchy phrase should you desire.
  • You can add a catchy phrase to front or back if you want.  Again wait for the fonts to load before starting!

To take a look/place an order go to:  

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