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Review of Adventures for the Lever Harp Book 1

03 Jul 2018 4:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Adventures for the Lever Harp Book 1 

5 intermediate to advance pieces by Lauren Scott

With winter well underway, what a better time for an introduction of a new book of groovy music for the intermediate to advanced harpist. The five pieces contained in this work have a wide range of titles that evoke images and thoughts of springtime, dancing and holidays in tropical places. All five pieces are specifically written for lever harp, but are possible on pedal harp too with only a few easy pedal changes.

The Publication

The book or pdf download (available in both formats) includes 5 pieces at approximately grade 5 and up level, although the focus of these pieces is on creating and capturing the character of the music rather than on technical elements. The pieces vary in length from 2 to 7 pages, syncopation and percussion is a focus in most of the pieces. Lever markings are given at the beginning of each piece, with no lever changes during the piece, so one can focus on the rhythmic and percussive elements of the music. This is a definite advantage for lever harp players!

Guidance is provided as to the rhythms and how to bring out the various elements of the piece; as well as some background on each piece to help inspire your own performance of the music.

This publication is available on Lauren’s website with sample pages shown or from the publisher  Also available on soundcloud are recordings of each piece, and a couple are on youtube as well.  Many are linked on Lauren’s website:

One of the reasons I particularly like this book is I think players and listeners alike will really engage with it, a sense of fun and adventure that will put smiles on performers and listeners alike. It’s always good for a gigging harpist to have a few pieces of this nature to pull out and recapture an audience’s attention.

I have enjoyed these pieces for many reasons, but mostly for their very catchy tunes with lots of groove and their so very well placed extended techniques! Each piece is musically satisfying and fun to play. They are programmatic and will be very accessible to an audience of non-musicians and musicians alike.

Review by Michelle Velvin and Becky Swan

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