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Pedal Harp Stair Climber Trolley (New)

  • 01 Nov 2018 8:47 AM
    Message # 6882955
    Anonymous member (Administrator)

    NZ Harp Society Has one pedal harp trolley available, made right here in New Zealand.

    The trolley is light weight, it was developed by Robert Webster a UK based Kiwi who had to move harps a lot and wanted a better solution than those available elsewhere.  It stays securely strapped to the harp as it goes into the car, and through the journey, only being taken off when at your destination.

    While more expensive than some available overseas (although not much more expensive by the time you add shipping and gst), we feel the features of this trolley make it an exceptional solution and wanted to offer NZ Pedal Harpists a chance to get one made.

    To see a video of Helen taking her harp down the stairs  see:

    NZ $1230 +shipping

    For more information on the trolley read the reviews available below.

    Carolyn Mills, Principal Harp New Zealand Symphony Orchestra:

    This lightweight trolley is a fantastic investment if you move your pedal harp around for gigs or performances. The genius of this trolley, developed by Robert Webster who has now kindly donated his drawings to the HSNZ, is that it STAYS securely strapped on the harp as it goes into the car, throughout the journey, and as you remove it from the car.... Which means:

    - no fiddling about with putting the harp in and then the trolley afterwards (and possibly scratching the harp)

    - you actually get an easier and more secure grip by using the trolley structure as "handles"

    - the "handles" help to make the process less awkward and less of a strain on the back.

    The trolley itself is light enough to move and pick up quite easily, and it stands up by itself in the corner waiting for your performance to finish.

    The NZSO owns one of these, and I own two!

    I would not be without this trolley... It makes moving a harp nearly painless, and is a far superior product to any trolley I have used in my overseas experience.

    Michelle Velvin, harpist and composer:

    The compact harp trolley is an easy to use, simple and lightweight trolley. It can be left strapped to the harp when in transit in a vehicle, which saves not only time and space in your car, but also stops the harp from sliding around when on the move. Another advantage with the trolley firmly strapped to the harp as you move is that there is an extra handle for leverage as you take it in and out of your vehicle. The straps on the trolley are strong and secure and the handle is comfortable to hold when going up or down steps and bumpy pathways. I always feel that the harp is very secure when strapped in, with no risk of damage to the instrument.

    Jo-Ying Huang, harpist and teacher:

    I have been using this compact model harp trolley since 2011 and I believe that I have got the best harp trolley in the whole world. It is sturdy but light in weight with material built from aluminium. It fits in the car along with my pedal harp and other smaller equipment. It is very easy to maneuver and has straps to secure the harp from moving off the trolley. I highly recommend this to anyone considering getting a harp trolley for their own. It is so worth it!

    Kim Webby, harpmaker:

    These trolleys were originally designed and built by a harp mover for harp movers.

    Robert Webster, being a practical Kiwi, they were designed for ease of construction where most parts bolt together. They are simple, sturdy and if something is damaged they are easy to repair with readily available materials and parts.

    And the best thing is they work!

    Helen Webby, Principal Harp Christchurch Symphony:

    Several years ago I had the misfortune to be in a car accident (no injuries, luckily). However, as I lay in the ambulance and the policeman was taking a breath sample from me, I sent the ambulance crew over to my car to get the trolley out. I had a hunch I would never see my rather crushed car again, and there was no way I wanted my trolley to end up at the wreckers inside my old car.

    So there I was, strapped in to a strectcher and going off to Accident & Emergency with my harp trolley in tow!

    It's a great indicator of how fundementally important my Robert Webster Stairwalker trolley is, to my life: I live up five stairs, and several times a week take my harp up and down with the amazing Stairwalker. My harp weighs 40 kilos, but through the brilliant design of the trolley, I never lift that weight. The triangle at the base of the trolley flicks over, when I give the harp a pull, and the trolley itself does the lifting. The harp straps on very securely, and the tires don't go flat and lopsided.

    I have complete confidence in the stability, reliability and safety of my harp and trolley. I couldn't be a professional harpist with out this trolley, and I heartily recommend it to other pedal harpists.

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