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Other Harp Societies or Harp related sites that may be of interest:

World Harp Congress 

The Clarsach Society of the United Kingdom (see their page for their branches, each of which have interesting information and links.

Harp Society of Tasmania

American Harp Society

Harp Society of Victoria 

Harp Society of New South Wales 

Harp Society of Queensland 

The Harp Society of Western Australia

International Jazz Harp Foundation:  IJHF, dedicated to "all to do about jazz harp".

International Association of Harpists: The International Association of Harpists and Friends of the harp. Official website. 

Harp Centre Australia:  The Harp Centre Australia is a non-profit organisation that gives Australians more opportunities to experience the harp and its music. 

Harp Column Musicstand:  There is so much on these websites that is harp related that I will not try to describe it. 

Puget Sound Harp Society: Reigning Harps is the official newsletter of the Puget Sound Folk Harp Society (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, incorporated in Washington State). The purpose of this newsletter is to promote the folk harp in the Pacific Northwest through an exchange of information among area harp players and by outreach to the general public. Some of the on-going features of the newsletter include an events calendar, a directory of performers and teachers, ads for harps and harp equipment, announcements of general harp interest, a listing of regional harp circles, free featured harp music every quarter, and more. 

The Edinburgh International Harp Festival

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