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About Us:

The Harp Society of New Zealand has been running since the mid 1980s, with the first journal being published in 1987. We publish three interesting and informative journals per year, have our own website which is regularly updated with events and has a list of teachers, harp makers and performers from around the country.  We offer grants for our members, assistance for visiting harpists, a directory of members for those who wish to participate, a forum, among other things.  We really want to be able to be in contact with harp players, makers and enthusiasts from all over NZ so we can let them know about upcoming events and visiting harp makers and performers. You can get in touch with us through the NZHS website.

New Zealand Harp Society members get access to Anderson Group harp insurance, which can save members quite a bit on their harp insurance.

We are a relatively small harp society with approximately 170 members spread across New Zealand and overseas. The majority of our members are lever harp players with increasing numbers of pedal harpists.


Something Missing?  Let us know about it so we can add it!

Please Note: with the recent Covid-19 outbreak please double  check with the organizer of events (original website/organizer usually listed in the event) that the event is still taking place.  

Upcoming Events Summary

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