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The Harp Society of New Zealand has been running since the mid 1980s, with the first journal being published in 1987. We publish three interesting and informative journals per year, have a website which is regularly updated with events, a list of teachers, harp makers and stockists, as well as performers from around the country and more. Members have a Members Space on the website which includes access to a members directory, journal archives, featured sheet music, and more.  

We offer grants for our members, and some assistance for visiting harpists.

We also offer a scholarship, which will be available to young harpists for the first time in 2023.


We really want to be able to be in contact with harp players, makers and enthusiasts from all over NZ so we can let them know about upcoming events and visiting harp makers and performers. You can get in touch with us through the NZHS website.

New Zealand Harp Society members get access to Anderson Group harp insurance, which can save members quite a bit on their harp insurance.

We are a relatively small harp society with members spread across New Zealand and overseas. The majority of our members are lever harp players with increasing numbers of pedal harpists.


Upcoming Events Summary

Pre-loved items for sale, this is for members to post want ads, or  sell mostly, but not exclusively, pre-loved items, or other posts that may be of interest to the society (e.g. travelling repair service call for interest) the below is a limited listing.


For the latest information see the Harp Fest NZ 2023 website: 

A note from the Harp Fest NZ 2023 organisers:

Fundraising for Harp Fest NZ 2023  “Collection for the Aotearoa Summer”

The Harp Fest committee is so excited to present this unique collection of music, thanks to the enormous generosity of the featured composers and arrangers – who will be guests at Harp Fest NZ 2023. 

This diverse collection includes works for lever and pedal harp and features solos, duets, lead sheets and songs, ranging from early intermediate to advanced level. The style of the music includes traditional, jazz and contemporary music.

In the second photo you will see the contents page with the composer/arrangers and the pieces they have generously contributed to this fundraising effort. This book is only available until Feb 2023, and as a digital file (with an interactive index for use when reading on a device). 

We hope that you not only enjoy playing the works in this collection but consider joining us in February 2023 at Harp Fest NZ.

Click on the link for more information, and to purchase this amazing collection of music  for NZ$50.


email:  or


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