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Anima by Anthony Ritchie

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‘Anima’ translates as soul or inner life. Our personalities can be informed by this inner life, but much can also remain hidden. In this composition, the suggestive sounds of the harp release the anima or soul from its melancholy - slowly at first, but then in a more animated manner in the latter part of the piece. In the final section the music returns to the introverted beginning once more. This piece is for Pedal Harp. Pedal harpists entering the HarpFest 2023 Performance Competition must choose to perform either this work or Natalia Mann's work. This work may NOT be publicly performed prior to the HarpFest 2023 Performance Competition on Sunday Feb 5th, 2023. By purchasing this work you agree to this condition. This music is available as a PDF download only. Please note that due to the copyright on the works, all purchases are non-refundable. Your purchase is for your own personal use only. 5 pages

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